Weed Mapping

In an effort to improve our management strategies many Districts collect location data for weed infestations. Below is a list of PDF maps for the State Designated and County Declared weeds. If you have any questions about the weed mapping standards or data collected in Wyoming please contact Kim Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  | 307-332-1052.


State Designated Weeds

Distribution Map

Canada Thistle


Common Burdock


Common St. Johnswort


Common Tansy


Dalmatian Toadflax


Diffuse Knapweed


Dyers Woad


Field Bindweed


Hoary Cress




Leafy Spurge


Musk Thistle


Oxeye Daisy


Perennial Pepperweed


Perennial Sowthistle


Plumeless Thistle


Purple Loosestrife


Russian Knapweed


Russian Olive




Scotch Thistle  Scotch_Thistle.pdf
Skeletonleaf Bursage  Skeletonleaf_Bursage.pdf
Spotted Knapweed  Spotted_Knapweed.pdf
Yellow Toadflax  Yellow_Toadflax.pdf



County Declared Weeds

Distribution Map

Absinth Wormwood


Austrian Fieldcress




Black Henbane 


Black Medic 


Blue Mustard 


Blue Weed 


Broom Snakeweed 




Bull Thistle 


Bur Buttercup 






Common Cocklebur


Common Mullein 


Common Purslane 


Common Sunflower 


Curly Dock 


Curlycup Gumweed 


Cypress Spurge


Dames Rocket  Dames_Rocket.pdf
Field Scabious  Field_Scabious.pdf
Flixweed  Flixweed.pdf
Foxtail Barley  Foxtail_Barley.pdf
Great Plains Yucca  Great_Plains_Yucca.pdf
Halogeton  Halogeton.pdf
Hoary Alyssum  Hoary_Alyssum.pdf
Italian Thistle  Italian_Thistle.pdf
Japanese Knotweed  Japanese_Knotweed.pdf
Kochia  Kochia.pdf
Locoweed  Locoweed.pdf
Meadow Knapweed  Meadow_Knapweed.pdf
Myrtle Spurge  Myrtle_Spurge.pdf
Orange Hawkweed  Orange_Hawkweed.pdf
Plains Geyer Larkspur  Plains_Geyer_Larkspur.pdf
Poison Hemlock  Poison_Hemlock.pdf
Puncturevine  Puncturevine.pdf
Rush Skeletonweed  Rush_Skeletonweed.pdf
Russian Thistle  Russian_Thistle.pdf
Scentless Chamomile  Scentless_Chamomile.pdf
Showy Milkweed  Showy_Milkweed.pdf
Squarrose Knapweed  Squarrose_Knapweed.pdf
Sulfur Cinquefoil  Sulfur_Cinquefoil.pdf
Western Sticktight  Western_Sticktight.pdf
Western Water Hemlock  Western_Water_Hemlock.pdf
Wild Licorice  Wild_Licorice.pdf
Wyeth Lupine  Wyeth_Lupine.pdf
Yellow Hawkweed  Yellow_Hawkweed.pdf
Yellow Starthistle  Yellow_Starthistle.pdf
Yellowflag Iris  Yellowflag_Iris