Grasshoppers have the potential to inflict significant harm on Wyoming's rangeland and crops through their veracious feeding habits. During outbreak years, adult grasshopper densities can reach near 30 or higher per square yard, far surpassing the sustainable levels normal for most areas of the state. This threat is why Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, in conjunction with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, have listed the grasshopper as a state designated pest.

Because of the state designation, local Weed and Pest Control Districts are capable of assisting landowners and federal land managers with implementing landscape scale management programs using the best management practices established by the University of Wyoming – College of Agriculture. The Weed and Pest Control Districts also work closely with the USDAAPHIS – Plant Protection Quarantine program to monitor localized and state-wide outbreaks, in addition to managing outbreaks on federal lands.

More information:

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